Yesterday was simply a miserable day weather wise but if you’ve paid any attention to what’s happening in Houston and southeast Texas the last thing any of us should do is complain about that.

I simply can’t help but look at the pictures and videos of what is happening there and wonder how they are going to recover.

Burton K. Davis
Burton K. Davis (Beachwood Volunteer Fire Dept)

If there is a silver lining it is that this is when we as Americans show our true metal and come together for the common good.  We are not Republicans or Democrats but united in helping our neighbors and now is the time to channel our efforts to help those in need.

In my working life I have had the pleasure to meet many people and some stick in your mind for various reasons, good and bad.  Burton K. “Burt” Davis was one of those who personified what a gentlemen was supposed to be and any time I came in contact with him it brought an immediate smile to my face. That smile became a frown when I learned last week he had died at the age of 86 in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Burt was for much of his life associated with Hometown Dairy which he and his family operated on Route 9 in Bayville for decades. However where I usually ran into him was at some fundraiser or organization he was volunteering with because he was a guy who had a hard time saying “no” when asked to help. It was simply his nature.

A longtime resident of Beachwood, he was past president of the Beachwood Volunteer Fire Company, one of the founders of the Beachwood-Pine Beach Little League and involved in many other civic and charitable endeavors.  His success and philanthropy was honored when he was inducted into the Toms River Regional Schools Hall of Fame in 1993.

Burt owned a beautiful home on the river in Beachwood not far from the yacht club but it suffered significant damage during Superstorm Sandy and after that he relocated to Florida with his wife Lynn.  He also leaves behind four daughters and many friends.

Burt's funeral is scheduled for Friday, September 29 at 11 the First United Methodist Church of Toms River located at Chestnut Street and Old Freehold Road. The repast will be at the Captain's Inn Restaurant on Lacey Road in Toms River.

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