The season is just about here, so let's talk football. Specifically, lets talk about the stadium our beloved Giants and Jets call home.

Recently, Sporting News rated all the pro football stadiums. So how did MetLife Stadium do? Well, if you like average, then we did pretty well. It doesn't come more close to the middle. We are the 15th worst, or 16th best, depending on if you're a glass half full person.

In the article at, they were relatively kind to Metlife, saying it should be given another shot at hosting the big game. And how about Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Eagles?

It did pretty well. Lincoln Financial Field ranked 11th best stadium among all 31 NFL venues. The worst stadium according to the report was the Washington's FedEx Field, and the best...legendary Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers ranked #1.

Let's hope all of our local football teams rank better than the stadiums they play in by the time the season is over. And by the way, for me, Metlife is a pretty awesome place and it's amazing that it's home to two of the highest profile teams in the league. I thought it should have ranked higher.

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