Snow, cold rain, and freezing temperatures are not what we normally associate with spring, but even though it has been spring in the Garden State for over a week, the weather outside is anything but.

Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images

The latest storm saw weather advisories for much of New Jersey and even dumped a few inches of snow in parts of Monmouth County.

A few inches might not seem like a lot, but with it being closer to April than February on the calendar residents are starting to get anxious about spring’s arrival.

The cost of each snow event is racking up as well. Many of the municipalities along the shore in Monmouth and Ocean counties have gotten hit the worst by Sandy, and in addition have dealt with two Nor’easters and a seemingly endless stream of snow falls.

Many residents have noted between winters lasting longer and summers coming earlier, there’s “less” spring.

“And I miss it because that’s my time when I can work around the house, and get on my bike.”

While the rest of March doesn’t look to be getting more snow, it isn’t likely to get much warmer. Temperatures remain no higher than the mid fifties until April.


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