In case you were wondering when the Invasion of the Cicadas 2021 will happen, the update has arrived, and you’re not going to like it.

We were told at the outset that the millions of cicadas that are literally just below our feet would not make their spectacular and super creepy emergence from below until the ground temperature reaches 65 degrees.

So being a glutton for punishment, I just had to do the research on our ground temperature and sure enough, it looks like the inevitable has happened.

According to Greencast, the ground temperature here at the Jersey Shore has made its way into the 60’s and it won’t be long now before it’s juuuust right for the invasion to begin. And what does that invasion mean?

It means millions of noisy, creepy, prehistoric looking creatures will make the Jersey Shore there home for a summer of frolicking about the Jersey Shore forcing us to duck and dodge the inch and a half creatures.

So, can we be more specific on the timeline for the invasion. I spoke with New Jersey State Climatologist David Robinson about it. He did some research, and frankly, an exact date can't really be pinpointed, but he is pretty confident the conditions will be right for ground temperatures to reach  the magic number sometime from mid May to the end of the month.

Aren’t we the ones who couldn’t wait to go outside? One thing is for sure. We are not going to let this Cicada Invasion bother us. We are veterans of a superstorm, a pandemic and the Garden State Parkway. So no insect invasion is going to stop us from a great Jersey Shore summer. But it is kind of gross...and amazing at the same time.

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