In case you're starting to wonder where this cicada invasion of 2021 actually is. I haven't seen or heard any in my neighborhood. Have you?

Let us know if you've seen any cicadas in your town, but the people we spoke with throughout Monmouth & Ocean Counties tell us they haven't had a hint of the sci-fi like invasion that experts predicted.

But before you chalk up the Cicada Invasion of 2021 to hype, you should know, some cicadas have been spotted in the Garden State, and they are days from literally popping up all over the Jersey Shore.

If you remember, the experts say we are pretty much in the peak window for their arrival. The ground temperature has to be 64 degrees, and we have reported that experts say that should happen between, well, now and the middle of June.

So, enjoy the peace and quiet of the few June days left without the piercing, relentless sound of these pretty amazing insects. Because experts say this is sort of the quiet before the cicada storm.

There are towns where cicadas have made their appearance this year, like Princeton, Clinton, Lambertville and others, according to a report last week. Please let us know if you've encountered any in Monmouth or Ocean County

Here are some things to remember about the cicadas. They won't hurt you. They are actually good for the soil. but if you have a dog, you should remember that there are some things to be aware of.

Also be aware that cicada is making it into our food as well. Yes, on purpose. So if you love tacos or pizza you may want to do a little investigating.

So, fasten your seat belts and get ready. Those cicadas are just below your feet, literally, and today could be the day they make their grand entrance.

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