The latest Quinnipiac University Poll hit on some hot buttons in New Jersey, including the governor's job approval, building that Hudson tunnel and public schools.

The poll showed continued miserable ratings for Gov. Chris Christie.

"His overall job approval is just awful," according to Assistant Poll Director Mickey Carroll — 77 percent of New Jersey residents disapprove. Further, the poll reported that Christie's two terms are "mainly a failure," according to 65 percent of the voters polled.

"That is a terrible, terrible finding for the governor."

There was strong support in the poll for the new Hudson River rail tunnel among continued reports of train problems. About 84 percent of voters say it's at least somewhat important.

"It has been high for some time. The last time that we did it was November: 75 percent said yes. But it is going up because every day brings bad news."

And 2 in 3 New Jerseyans in the poll says our schools are "excellent" or "good."

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