This is definitely worth letting the kids stay up late for.

It's rare! It's exciting! It's the Northern Lights - and they could be visible from New Jersey tomorrow, according to (which is really convenient, since we can't travel to them any time soon.) As for why we can see them? Well, I'm not the best person when it comes to explaining science, but this quote from the article explains it nicely:

a Coronal-Mass Ejection released by the sun means particles that co-mingle with the sun are pushed further south from the North Pole than normal and could allow New Jerseyans a brief peek on Thursday night

Oh boy! Fingers crossed the sky stays clear. Although the article mentions that if we do see them, they won't be as bright as they are in Canada. But hey, that's better than nothing. We all could use a treat like this after the crazy year we've been having.

So get out your cameras, find the perfect viewing spot ( suggests a hill), and get ready to hopefully see the Northern Lights tomorrow. The only thing more exciting than that will be the look of amazement on your kids' faces while they're seeing it.

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