It's the season for scenic and spectacular proposals.  I've seen them all over social media, but one really caught my eyes.  It happened on a beautiful spring day on Manasquan Beach.

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Credit: Jenna Perfette Photography
Credit: Jenna Perfette Photography

On June 4th, 2007, I dropped to one knee and proposed to my now wife.  I, too, captured it cleverly on camera.  I even posted it to YouTube and over 48,000 people have viewed it.  I consider my effort a 6 out of 10.  You can watch it here.  Now that you've seen my embarrassing video, I want to share one that I rate much higher.

Allow me to share the story of how Andrew and Gina went from a stroll on the beach to euphoria in just a matter of minutes.  The photos and story captivated me and hopefully they will you too.

Inside Andrew's Beach Side Proposal to Gina.

What made Andrew's proposal so successful?

  • Planning and Preparation
    • He picked a great location.  Manasquan Beach is a beautiful choice and also near and dear to the couple.
    • He chose a Monday afternoon on a sunny beautiful day when the beach wouldn't be crowded and obstructed and would allow for more privacy.
    • He hired an amazing photographer that specializes in these moments.

What an amazing moment!  Congratulations Gina and Andrew and best wishes on a long, happy marriage!

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