One of the many benefits of living in Jersey is the diversity of cuisine available.

The Garden State is more than just one grille or pizzeria after another.

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We're creatures of habit. We find what we like and we stick with it.

Many of us are like that when it comes to dining out.

We all have "our" bar and grille, "our" Italian restaurant, etc.

It's nice every once and a while to break routine, burst out of the bubble, and try new things.

Get ready for your mouth to water.

This, my friend, is a whole snapper.

Mussels and Chorizo for the win. It's served with potatoes and salsa verde sauce.

You've never had bruschetta like this before.

Maybe you start your meal off with a beet and bean salad, or even order for lunch?

Feeling adventurous? Try the grilled octopus with fava beans and served with yellow pepper sauce.

This trendy new restaurant is three stories with two dining rooms, a private room for parties up top, and three bars.

You read that correctly. There bars. Why?

This restaurant is offering over 60 varieties. The cocktail menu is creative, immense, and tasty.

Welcome to paradise.

Let's spice things up a little bit.

Pan-Latin cuisine is now available in the Monmouth County restaurant mecca that is Red Bank.

Centrada Cocina and Cocktails is a really unique new restaurant that is located at the intersection of Front and Broad Streets.

Centrada translated to English means "centered."

This new hot spot opened on April 30 to rave reviews. Cheers!

Add Centrada to this growing list of restaurants we all need to try in 2022

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