A big New Jersey celebrity was recently spotted right here at the Jersey Shore.

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So....who was the big celebrity?

The one and only Bruce Springsteen! THE BOSSS! BRUUUUUUUUCE! (Keep scrolling for an adorable picture sent to us by Susan!)

Bruce Springsteen
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

One of our producers  -- who prefers to go unnamed -- actually got to meet Bruce face-to-face and has ALLL details.

Bruce was walking on Bridge Avenue in Bayhead going towards the beach and he wasn't alone. He was accompanied by the one and only JOHN MELLENCAMP!

And the crowd goes wild!

Here is everything our producer spilled:

Did you get to meet Bruce?

"Yes. I spotted him while driving and pulled over once I spotted him. I parked across the street, got out of my car and walked directly over and said, 'I'll regret this all day if I don't ask you ARE YOU BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!?'"

What did he say?

"He said 'YES!' I also asked if I could shake his hand and he agreed! He seemed excited to meet a local fan! He saw I was wearing an Asbury Park Roastery sweatshirt and that seemed to catch his attention!"

Anything else we should know about the celebrity encounter?

"I got to ask him, 'In so many of your songs, you are running away! (Born To Run, Born In The USA etc.) What are you running from?'"

"Bruce responded with, 'I feel like I am running from a loss of innocence. I was getting away from those things but after a while you realize that you feel best where you are at at that point in time.'"

Wow! So things got pretty deep? 


Anything you didn't get to ask Bruce that you wish you did? You never know; He might see this! 

"Oh my gosh! I would ask....'How was meeting Barack Obama?' I would also ask, 'Are you working on a collaboration with John Mellencamp?' since they were hanging out together!"

Wow! That would be epic! 

Fun Fact: a listener named Susan also met Bruce moments after our producer! Small world, huh!?

Here is the photo Susan sent with Bruce Springsteen (aka THE BOSS) and the iconic John Mellencamp.


Susan - thank you so much for the photo of this up-close and personal photo of a New Jersey legend!

And just a quick plug: Susan also runs this Beachwritings NJ Etsy Store. Take a look at some of her handcrafted work, it really is quite impressive.

If you were the one who met Bruce Springsteen, what would you have said?

If you want to learn more information on this celebrity sighting, head to NJ.com who also reported on this!

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