The Bay Head Police Department with assistance from Point Pleasant Borough Police were able to stop a pair of criminals in their tracks as they tried to scam a local elementary school.

Bay Head Police said that an employee at the Bay Head School opened up an invoice for their purchasing account on October 6 about the purchase of 20 Apple MacBook Pro laptops that came with 20 warranties and all totaled $32,960.

The problem was that no laptops were ordered and not by anyone at the school, someone acted on their behalf to order thousands of dollars worth of laptops.

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Bay Head Police then began an investigation into this scam underway along with neighboring Point Pleasant Borough Police and they found out that the suspects orchestrating the scam had made plans for the laptops ordered to be delivered to Advanced Auto Parts over on Route 88 in Point Pleasant which police said is a drop off site for UPS.

With the information they'd developed over the course of the investigation to that point, police said that they were able to pick up the laptops a day before they were supposed to be delivered to that designated drop off site outside of Advanced Auto Parts.

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The next day, Bay Head Police and Point Pleasant Borough Police sent marked cars to the drop off area and around 7:55 am a man walked up to Advanced Auto Parts and asked about the packages that were supposed to be picked up that day and at that time.

As police overheard the man recite key pieces of information matching the exact details of the order including the named of the Bay Head School employee the packages were addressed to, they walked up to 33-year-old David Acheampong of Graveland, Florida and placed him under arrest.

Bay Head Police said that Acheampong is being charged on a Warrant with Computer Criminal Activity and Theft by Deception.

Photo: Shawn Michaels
Photo: Shawn Michaels

He was then brought to the Ocean County Jail, pending a detention hearing.

After he was processed, police learned about his accomplice, identified as Janice B. Carter, 32, also of Groveland, Florida who was subsequently arrested and charged as well with Theft by Deception and Conspiracy.

She was released on a summons pending a future day in court.

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