I’m back after taking most of last week off.

Didn’t do all that much but my time off was somewhat relaxing and anytime I can go a week without the alarm clock going off at 3:22 a.m. is a plus.  Just a heads up that I’ll be taking some more time off before the summer is over and football season begins.

Speaking of which another sign that summer is moving fast is NFL training camps open this week and believe it or not the Jet and Giants begin the preseason against one another two weeks from Thursday.

So since I’ve been off the grid for a week or so today it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that:

  • The heat wave is expected to break by the end of the day which will be welcomed by just about everyone. It is somewhat amusing that the people who seem to complain the most about the hot weather are those who can spend the day inside with the air conditioning on.
  • By the way I had to go to Lowe’s yesterday for a couple of things and you would have through they were giving away AC units with the way they were being bought. They were being gobbled up like milk and bread before a winter snow storm but at a much higher cost.
  • If you live in Berkeley, California then big changes to the English language are coming now that the city council has deleted gender from its books. For example no longer will he or she be used, replaced by “they” even if it’s in reference to one person.  Brothers and sisters are replaced with “siblings”, sororities and fraternities will now go by “Collegiate Greek system residence,” manpower is replaced by “human effort” and in my favorite one manholes will now be known as “maintenance holes.”

Berkeley is not the first city to make the changes on their books and many of them make total sense for obvious reasons.  Remember everything usually starts in California so it’s just a matter of time before this comes our way.

  • Only the Mets could lose 3 games in the same series, all in extra innings.
  • When told Friday that I was back to work today several of my co-workers began chanting “send him back.” I get the message.




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