The secret is out - although, it's hardly really been a secret.

Cape May has been named one of "America's 11 Coolest Small Towns For A Summer Vacation." The honor is bestowed by the editors of

Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

We've always known that Cape May was cool - especially in the summer - and we aren't the only ones thinking that.

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Here's what the website says about Cape May:

"Being the last stop on the New Jersey shore, its beaches give off the "cool" vibe in a refreshing manner, rather than MTV. The town itself comes with Victorian mansions and minimalistic, modern B&Bs to spend most of the time spent exploring. Closed-off to traffic, there's the happening shopping and dining district in town, including the Washington Street Mall for relaxation and people-watching."

Photo by r m on Unsplash
Photo by r m on Unsplash

There are certainly a lot of fun things to do in Cape May in the summer, including just hanging in town or on one of the many beautiful beaches. The website mentions some of the activities available:

"For more cool activities, one can take a surrey ride into the sunset for a spirited evening on the waters, visit the Cape May Lighthouse, as well as see the Jersey Shore Alpacas."

How do you like that? They mentioned Alpacas and didn't even mention the other animals (well, mammals) that regularly spend time in Cape May - the dolphins and the whales!

Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash
Photo by Steve Adams on Unsplash

We've always known Cape May to be cool - and we would say that coolness even extends northward throughout the county to include places like Wildwood, Ocean City, Avalon, Sea Isle City, Strathmere - and even the Cape May Zoo.

The other "Cool Small Towns" mentioned in the article are Breaux Bridge, Louisiana; Cannon Beach, Oregon; Ketchum, Idaho; Laguna Beach, California; Monterey, California; Sebastopol, California; Sonoma, California; South Lake Tahoe, California; Traverse City, Michigan; and Wellfleet, Massachusetts.

We'll see you in Cape May this summer!


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