We live in an area where people choose to vacation.

That line always sounds so cool to me.

Tourism is, of course, a big part of South Jersey. Up and down the South Jersey Shore - during "normal years" - the population swells as people choose to spend their free time here.

The same goes for whales.

Whales are spending more and more time off the South Jersey coast, and people are noticing.

Conde Nast Traveler has just named Cape May as of "The Best Spot for Whale Wathching in the U.S."

There are places on the list like Hawaii and Alaska, but Cape May also makes the cut.

Here's what Conde Nast Traveler says about Cape May's whale watching:

A true paradise for animal enthusiasts, this tiny peninsula at the southern tip of New Jersey offers some of the best birdwatching in the country—and, from March to December, fantastic whale watching. Hop on the Cape May Whale Watcher for the “Cetacean Spectacular,” a three-hour voyage into the Delaware Bay. Marine mammal sightings are guaranteed, or your next trip is free. Humpbacks, fin whales, and bottlenose dolphins are a common sight, though this is also a great place to spot native shorebirds, ospreys, and even bald eagles.

What a great compliment to Cape May!

We're currently in the "off season" for whale watching. It's expected to pick back up in a few months.

One of the whale watching boats, Cape May Whale Watcher's "Miss Chris" is sidelined now for some upgrades:

What do we do all winter? Winter 2021 so far includes this stern extension on the Miss Chris- this will give her an...

Posted by Cape May Whale Watcher on Sunday, January 17, 2021

It's great to see the world notice what's happening in our "neck of the woods."

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