One of the great things about living here at the Jersey Shore is the beautiful Atlantic Ocean that we get to enjoy. According to Google ... "The New Jersey Atlantic Ocean coastline is roughly 130 miles in length".

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One of the cool adventures that you can be a part of is "whale watching". There are numerous "whale watching" tours that you can take part in here along the Jersey Shore.

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April and I have done two "whale watching" tours here in New Jersey. We did one in Cape May and now one with Seastreak in Highlands.

Take a look at our photos from a very relaxing and enjoyable ride aboard the "Whaling City Express"


Jersey Shore Whale Watching

Take a Trip off the Coast of We Search for Whales


As you scrolled through my photos maybe you noticed something that was missing? do you know what I am referring to? yes, there are NO "whale" photos. One of the exciting things about "whale watching" is in fact whether or not you will actually see any whales. It's not a guarantee that you will see whales, but that's the fun of it. It wouldn't be exciting if you always saw them. It's the search and thrill of discovery.

So far April and I are 0-2 but one day when we set out whale watching we will catch views of this wonderful animal and we look forward to that!

Even though we did not spot any whales we enjoyed a hot dog, time to unwind, and a beautiful cruise along the Jersey Shore...not a bad day at all :)


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