I've got a new food trend taking over New Jersey and for good reason.

Are you familiar with the charcuterie board?

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It is a magical board filled with cheeses, meats, crackers, jams, chocolates and whatever else your heart desires.

Charcuterie boards will always have a special place in my heart.

However, the cost of putting together these cheese boards has skyrocketed thanks to inflation.

Thankfully, the internet invented a cheaper option.

It is called the Butter Board. 

According to this video I found on Twitter, it is a board covered in softened butter with delicious toppings; honey, roasted garlic all of which gets scooped up by a warm slice of bread."

The hashtag #ButterBoard has been used over 115 million views on TikTok.

My perfect butter board would have honey, cheese, bacon, onion, lemon zest and red pepper flakes.

Love me some carbs this time of year!

People are even inventing their own versions of the Butter Board. I've seen people use marinara sauce and even cream cheese!

Is it the healthiest option out there? No but neither is a charcuterie board.

If you watched the entire video above, you will now know that the Butter Board is actually an inflation-fighting hack.

The cost of cheese has gone up 13% so a basic cheese board with only two cheeses and one cured meat costs a whopping $20.

The cost of a butter board is less than $10.

Cheaper options like this give us, the people, some power in this economy. Here's how.

If we all do our best to lay off the more expensive purchases, eventually companies will have no other choice but to lower their prices.

If no one is buying their products, they have no source of income.

Will this fix our economic situation all together? No.

But could this get us a few steps closer to a more reasonable situation? Hopefully.

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