Brick Township Police have a new protective device in their arsenal as thirty-seven officers will now be deployed with tasers.

Police Chief James Riccio announced that for the first time in the department’s history, officers are being deployed with Conducted Energy Devices (CEDs), otherwise known as tasers.

Thirty-seven officers are now qualified to utilize these new tools following hours of specialized training which included rules of engagement for use of force, Attorney General guidelines on deployment protocols and familiarization on how to safely and effectively deploy the device.

The utilization of CEDs gives the police an option when they are faced with a situation that results in a need to apply force.

"Officers always prefer to accomplish their mission without having to resort to force, but in those situations where force may be necessary, a CED presents an alternative not previously available to them," Chief Riccio said. “Encounters with violent suspects are inevitable, but my hope is that now our officers will be able to safely and more quickly resolve an incident before it has a chance to escalate into a situation that results in an injury to the suspect or our officers.

Brick Police are the not the only Jersey Shore police department to issue tasers to their officers following a training period.

In February of 2017, Manchester Police issued 20-tasers for non-lethal ways to defuse potentially deadly situations.

The Lakewood Police Department also began issuing tasers in 2017.

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