We know we can trust EMTs to do whatever they can to save our lives - but what happens with the EMT's life is in danger?

Yesterday, EMT Katelyn Lammer was stationed to screen people entering Town Hall in Brick when she started to choke on her food. She wasn't able to clear her throat on her own, and luckily she was close enough to the front desk to get help. Lammer bangs on the glass, signals that she is choking, and Sgt. Austin Kenny and Sgt. Charlie Kelly spring into action, with Sgt. Kenny quickly performing the Heimlich manuever.

Wow, watching that video was still tense even though I knew the ending. I don't think I've ever actually seen someone really choking or seen someone perform the Heimlich in real life. Katelyn Lammer stays surprisingly calm; I've started to choke on food in my own home and panicked way more than she did. If you look at the timestamp, Lammer realizes she's choking at 9:41:05, realizes she needs help at 9:41:11, bangs on the glass at 9:41:14, and is saved at 9:41:34. It's an intense thirty-second span, and is the perfect example of why police are trained for situations like this where time is of utmost importance.


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