Police in Brick Township said that they've been responding to several incidents of late where people are pretending to be with a utility company, and now they have a warning for you.

We've all heard and know of the scammers over the phone and email trying to get you to buy something or pay money to fix a problem that you don't actually have but the scammer tries to bait you into thinking you do, and this need it to be addressed and remedied.

Scammers have resorted to going incognito in an effort to try and sell you in person.

Brick Police said following these recent incidents, that the people who say they're representing utility companies, who aren't, try to distract you while someone else enters your home.

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If you feel there's an issue and what this person is telling you seems fishy, then call up the utility company.

"If they claim there is an issue with your service, always utilize the number on your monthly statement and NOT the number they present for you to contact. If you have questions regarding your services, call the number listed on your monthly statement."

Another reminder, throughout all of this, while some people may try to sell you something, you won't find utility companies coming to your door about bills.

"Brick Police would like to remind residents, utility companies DO NOT have employees going door to door regarding your monthly usage or service bill."

Whether it's this type of scam or another type of scam, you feel you are the victim of, Brick Police said you can call them at 732-262-1100.

"Residents are reminded solicitors MUST have a permit with the clerk’s office for door-to-door solicitation."

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