A Brick man puts up a fight as police try to place him in handcuffs for stealing a wallet from a car on Riviera Drive early Monday around 1:21 am.

A call came into police around then where the owner of the wallet told police he spotted a man dressed in all black near his car in the driveway.

Police say 27-year old Justin Longstreet was spotted two blocks away near 23rd Avenue and McKinley Court by a patrolman who approached him to investigate.

Additional officers responded to the scene as well where Longstreet told them he was walking from the River Rock Restaurant and Marina Bar.

Officers then asked him for I-D...he said didn't have any on him.

Police then found the wallet in Justin's pants pocket.

Longsteet said it wasn't his but that he found it on the street.

When one of the officers took the wallet to check the contents inside that discovered it belonged to a resident that lived on 16th Avenue.

While this was happening, the other officers were speaking with Longstreet who suddenly turned away and tried to run from the police.

He got about 15-feet away before officers caught up to him.

While one of the patrolman was attempting to make the arrest, Longstreet started to physically resist and the two men fell to the ground.

The officer ended up sustaining a minor contusion to his right knee and minor abrasions to his face during the struggle.

While on the ground Longstreet continued attempting to assault Officers.

After a brief struggle Longstreet was placed into custody.

Longstreet was then transported to headquarters where he was processed.

It was confirmed that the wallet was stolen from an unlocked GMC Canyon that was parked on 16th Ave.

The wallet was returned to the victim.

The initial caller provided video footage of a male fitting Longstreet's general description going onto his driveway and attempting to enter a vehicle that was locked.

Longstreet was charged with Burglary, Theft, Obstructing the administration of law, Resisting Arrest, and two counts of Aggravated assault and was processed and transported to the Ocean County Jail where he was lodged.

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