A Brick man has been charged with neglect for allegedly choking his 9-year-old daughter outside a restaurant in the Florida Keys on Tuesday night, according to multiple reports.

Police said an employee at Hogfish Bar & Grill in Monroe County intervened after seeing Scott Alino, 47, drag his daughter through the parking lot and start to choke her.

The employee called 911 after Alino allegedly threatened to inflict harm on them, according to a local CBS affiliate in Florida.

Alino told police that, “the girl was misbehaving and that he placed his hand on her shoulder and neck area, adding that he didn’t need anyone telling him how to raise his children.”

A number of witnesses reportedly saw the incident take place and police confirmed the details by reviewing videotape from the restaurants security feed.

He's been charged with one felony count of child neglect and is sitting the Monroe County Detention Center with an arraignment scheduled for May 9, 2019.

Alino is currently a real estate agent in Brick Township.

Dan Alexander contributed to this report.

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