Happy early Mother's Day, happy early weekend and happy early summer!  I'm a huge fan of all three of these things...so why not celebrate with boozy milkshakes and ice pops? Kids need not apply...these recipes, made-to-orders and hot spot are for Mommy only. I proudly present dessert and booze rolled up into one...moms, you deserve a boozy treat!

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I personally love these ready to eat frozen cocktails ice pops from Total Wine. They taste awesome, don't spill and they keep you cool with lots of flavors. These are always a huge hit at BBQs!

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Want something that has more of a desert vibe? These are amazing too!  Gold Belly Tipsy Scoops are where it's at. Spiked Hazelnut Coffee is fire.

OK, maybe you want to make your own...there's a recipe for that...and it's healthy because it's made with fruit. Princess Pink Girl does a watermelon pop that will have you chillin' in no time.

Photo by: Jarritos

Or maybe you feel like stepping out!  Lola's European Cafe in Asbury Park offers over the top boozy milkshakes!  I'm kind of loving the orange creamsicle boozy float!

Photo credit: Lola's European Cafe Facebook

I highly recommend a visit to celebrate the soon to be summer!  Cheers...let's eat! Find Lola's at Cookman Ave, Asbury Park, NJ or check them out on their Facebook.

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