OK, so for some reason my husband loves getting outdoors and shooting himself down fast-moving streams in little narrow boats.  In my effort to be supportive, I've tried kayaking with him and after realizing the every sharp and pointy rock was aiming directly for my spine, I opted out. He loves it though and God Bless...I want him to dodge rocks all he wants so when I came across this list of the best kayak spots in Jersey I thought I would share it with you and with him!

I was going to buy my husband, Tony, a kayak, canoe, or paddle board for Father's Day but upon further research I realized that most places have rentals and that makes things a lot easier!  By the way, this is the mom in me but even if you are an expert, make sure to wear a life jacket!

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OK, with that said, here are your hot spots:
The Rahway River through Cranford in Union County at Lenape Park is a great option!  The river is deep through Cranford and there are no rocks or shallow spots to look out for. This spot is not so deep in the wilderness that you can't get a lunch and a cocktail when your done at one of the amazing restaurants nearby.


The Black River in Morris County though Long Valley in Chester Township and Hacklebarney State Park is well rated.  I used to hang out at Hacklebarney all the time in high school...but not for kayaking.  This kayak is best done in spring when the water is still high from winter snow.  There are no rentals on the Black River; and this one is a bit advanced.

Lake Lefferts in Matawan (Monmouth County)  Spend a relaxing morning or afternoon exploring the lake which is about 12-15 feet deep.  Swimming is technically prohibited, but if you fall out of your canoe no one is yelling at you.  Lot's of people fish there too.

This month is a great time to kayak with dolphins in Blackberry Bay (Monmouth County)  Head out to Blackberry Bay and you can actually kayak with dolphins!  They love early summer there.

Next week is prime time for the Delaware Water Gap  The Delaware Water Gap is famous for kayaking...it is quiet and secluded...deep in the woods. That is my worst nightmare and I'm already searching my head for ticks just writing this but I know other's will love this peaceful place. There is a strong current going downstream and because the river gets deep life jackets are in order for even the strongest swimmer.  You'll also enjoy amazing waterfalls and hikes in this area.  Read about more locations here!

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