We have lots of wildlife here at the Jersey Shore, most recently we have had several bear sightings although I do not have photos of any bears as I haven’t spotted any, I do have lots that maybe you encounter in your back yard.


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One animal we have had lots of sightings of is one of my personal favorites the fox. I have seen a few in person but sadly I haven't encountered a fox in person and had my camera with me. I love foxes and they are beautiful, except unless you are a chicken. Lots of foxes have been spotted all over Jersey and now even coyotes. I did once see a coyote in Ocean County, but again the camera was at home.

I decided to write this article to showcase some of the more common Jersey animals and ones maybe you have taken photos at home of as well. “Backyard friends” if you will and I’m sure you love them as much as we do.

I have enjoyed photographing birds and bird watching and we have a great assortment of feathered friends here in New Jersey, including one of my favorites the Bald Eagle which is making a comeback here in the Garden State.



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


Most recently my family has made friends with a chipmunk family and a bluejay all of whom love to come for peanuts at our garden. As long as they behave and leave our food alone lol we will supply some peanuts.

What are your favorite animals in your neighborhood? If you have pics please share below👇 as always we would love to see them


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