Some people aren't taking not being allowed to shoot off fireworks well and a group in Beachwood is reportedly taking it out on Volunteer Firefighters.

The Beachwood Volunteer Fire Department issued a statement on Facebook Tuesday detailing a response on July 4 to fires that began due to fireworks being shot off Saturday night.

They responded to one particular call before police arrived on scene and were greeted by a group of "hostile intoxicated subjects" who felt the firefighters were there to spoil their good time.

"We tried to explain how volunteers work, but that was fruitless in trying to reason with intoxicated and ignorant people."

Beachwood Volunteer Firefighters explained that the group then threatened and tried to intimidate the volunteers and provoke them into a fight.

The group then allegedly used a garden hose to spray water on firefighters and tried to do the same thing into the firetruck.

Police then arrived on scene and determined a neighbor dispute prompted the fire call.

Beachwood Volunteer Firefighters then left the scene and let police take over the investigation.

"We understand neighbor issues and everyone’s frustrations the past several months. However, threatening volunteer firefighters and spraying water in our faces is unacceptable. (Even if you think you pay our salaries as one grossly misinformed individual shouted at us)."

Members of the volunteer fire department discussed what to do following the incident and decided to sign complaints against the group of people who tried intimidating and harassed them on Saturday.

"We are not happy. We have identified two of the subjects and are working on the third. We are not only your dedicated volunteers, but we are your friends and neighbors. It bothers us that here we are contemplating signing complaints against the people we serve, but we can’t “turn the cheek” on this one.

We can't have people tell us "our jaws will be wired shut". We can't have people assault us or interfere with our official function by obstruction or physical intimidation.

We ARE NOT the “fun police” or “Karens” as this seems to be the new trendy word.

We are dedicated volunteers who leave our homes and respond to your emergencies.

We are thankful to our supporters and very appreciative of those who were respectful to us Saturday night. Thank you."


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