A giant whale washed up on the beach earlier today at the Monroe Avenue beach entrance in Spring Lake.

You will see in the video, a bunch of people and lifeguards went in the water to try to push the whale back out in the Atlantic Ocean so hopefully, it would swim away back to safety

Unfortunately, their attempt on saving the whale was unsuccessful, and the whale later died on the beach.

Officials had to bring in heavy equipment to remove the giant whale from the beach


Hopefully, this wasn't the whale that was hit by a boat in a lagoon last week or wasn't the whale that jumped out of the water off the shores of Seaside Park and landed on a fishing boat causing the boat to capsize.

Witnesses in Seaside Park said it the whale did not appear to be injured after striking the boat, and it just swam away like a whale normally would do

There has been a lot of whale and dolphin activity at the beaches so far this spring. A lot of videos and photos of whales and dolphins have been posted on social media over the last few weeks.

A beautiful drone video was also posted last week of a massive humpback that was swimming off the shores of Manasquan

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