On Tuesday night, I experienced a first. I sat down to eat some ice cream and I ended up singing and dancing for about 50 strangers. It was a surprisingly fun and unexpected experience. Here's what happened.

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Show Place in Beach Haven, NJ - - Credit: Show Place Ice Cream Parlour Facebook
Show Place in Beach Haven, NJ - - Credit: Show Place Ice Cream Parlour Facebook

A few weeks back, one of my college buddies texted me saying he was coming to visit us (he lives in Pennsylvania). He thought it'd be cool to get our two families together and grab some ice cream at a place he'd been to a few times called The Show Place. He said he had to buy tickets, which made me scratch my head.

When we arrived, I noticed a big tent outdoors next to Surflight Theatre. The signs led us that way. A gentleman in a red and white striped vest checked us in and gave us menus. When we walked in, we were taken to our table and our order was taken. The entire team had similar red and white striped outfits. We all ordered our ice cream and conversed. Then something interesting happened.

The waiters and waitresses started performing, singing and acting very theatrically. Our waitress then walked over to us, got the entire crowd's attention, told them that 3 at our table had ordered the 'music man." She then asked those 3 (I was one) to stand up in front of everyone, snap our fingers, and repeat after her - - "music music man. I gotta have a music man!"  A little anxious, I got up and did the best I could. Evidence here.

Over the next 45 minutes, every table had 1 (or a couple) of people called on to sing and dance. It was silly, fun, family entertainment. I started spreading the word to friends and family and so few were aware of The Showplace. Let's get the word out about this "hidden" gem. If you live at or visit the Jersey Shore, it is something you want to experience. You will not forget it. Share this story.

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