The Bald Eagle has been a national symbol of the Unites States since 1782. The majestic bird also represents freedom for America.

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The award winning Cape May County Zoo has just announced the reopening of their newly expanded Bald Eagle exhibit. The exhibit, which is now 80 feet long and 20 feet high, will allow Foles the Eagle to stretch his large wings and take off in flight and cut through the air.

Foles has called the Cape May County Zoo home since the fall of 2017 and was named after Super Bowl 52 MVP and former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

The average life span of a Bald Eagle is approximately 20 years. In captivity the average lifespan double to 40.

If you want to see Foles spread his wings, you can stop by the Cape May County Zoo  from 10 AM until 4:30 PM. The award winning zoo is free and open daily.

Masks must be worn and you must continue to practice social distancing. You'll find the the Bald Eagle habitat next to the World of Birds aviary.

I have so many found memories of the Cape May County Zoo. It was an annual destination for my family when my boys were small. They couldn't get enough of the zoo and all the animals and attractions and the park. The Cape May County Zoo is the perfect spot for time with family and friends.

source: press release from Cape May County Department of Tourism- 10/5

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