The Garden State Parkway is not exactly the place we head to in order to get our daily dose of tranquility, but there are some things that apparently drive local drivers crazy the most.

We asked random daily drivers of the Parkway to tell us their most disliked driving habit they see each day. Just the question caused most people to make that very same face they make when they see these legendary moves.

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Most drivers told us that they see these maneuvers all the time, but they are definitely more prevalent in the summer. Here are the top 3 things we heard in the unscientific survey we took, but we think you'll agree with at least some of them.

#3 Distraction Destruction. Is there anything that makes you more nervous that driving 55mph (yeah right) on a major highway, and seeing the guy next to you preoccupied by anything from the German Shepherd in the back seat to that text that just can't wait? It's frightening and infuriating.

#2 The Frogger. You remember Frogger, right? Except this time it's a car bouncing between lanes (usually minus the signal light) who feels like the Parkway is a PS5 game. This guy is the one who passes you 5 different times in a 20 mile trip. They just don't get it, right?

#1 Right Lane, Wrong Lane. The right lane is the slow lane. So why are all the slow drivers (tourists, we're talking to you) in the left lane. The left lane is for PASSING. Which means if you're the slowest car on the road, you should be as far away from the left lane as possible. And your presence there makes driving dangerous because it forces the rest of the cars into unnatural moves.

Now, before you start thinking we forgot some key stuff, you can't fit everything into a box that only holds three. We haven't even touched on tailgating, cutting off or the everlasting blinker.

We'll get to those in upcoming episodes.

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