There was a little piece of Monmouth County on American Idol last night. So let’s learn about Tom McGovern of Allentown, who made an appearance on the latest audition episode of American Idol.

Tom performed an original song he wrote about the judges that was super creative. He did a little research about each of the judges, came up with a really clever song and got to perform it for Lionel, Katy and Luke.

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And even thought the judges didn’t give him the golden ticket to Hollywood, just like the end of the tune predicted, he did get to meet the judges, as well as give us a little background about his jingle writing abilities and business.

And Katy Perry gave him the thumbs of for that. So I checked out Tom’s Facebook page You can see with one quick look that Tom has put a lot of work into his jingle business, and if his performance on Idol is any indication, you will be thrilled you checked out his services. So if you have a company, or a big occasion coming up, you should definitely check his work out.

Tom, 28,  is also an actor, musical comedian, a writer and a producer, and getting himself on American Idol is huge! Good job Tom, and thanks for making Monmouth County proud. Good luck to you!

If you want to learn more about all the great work Tom is doing, including original jingles, just visit his website.

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