Who is ready for a very Jersey Christmas? I have the perfect stocking stuffer idea for you. This may fall under the category of "out of sight out of mind" so it is worth a reminder that you can make these a Christmas gift and you'll nail it if you do!

Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash
Photo by Lynda Hinton on Unsplash

What about buying season beach passes and putting a big ol' red bow on those suckers!  No one is returning that gift!

For example, Asbury Park beach passes are now available for purchase via gift certificates!  I love this idea don't you?

Passes in Asbury Park are now available to buy from today until December 23rd at Asbury Park City Hall.  Call your town city hall and ask if they are doing it too!

You just turn the certificates in when May comes around and you get your passes.  You will get em' at a discount buy buying them now too!  According to The Patch you'll pay $70 dollars for the adult passes and senior citizens over 62 and kids 13-17 are only $20.

This is an awesome gift because we WILL use it...and who wants to stop to pay the attendant when you are carrying a million belongings, beach chairs, towels and probably kids too!  Free hands with free passes (well, free to you because someone read this post in December, you are welcome).  I'll see you at the beach, (in about 8 months)!

I already miss kids tracking sand in the house.

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