The author of the social media post that spread all over Toms River Monday that the parking lot on Route 37 for the Shop Rite, Staples and Panera is "apparently becoming a spot for human traffickers to kidnap victims!!!!!" has apologized and clarified the intentions of her tweet.

Sarah Gascho may have been referencing the arrest (before it happened) of Howell Police Sergeant and Monmouth County SWAT Team leader Richard Conte who was arrested for allegedly luring a 15-year old girl for sex in Toms River.

Conte stood trial at a detention hearing on Tuesday morning before his release.

Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little tells WOBM News this afternoon, "that there will be no criminal charges. I think by us addressing the issue and confirming that the information on the tweet was unsubstantiated had the desired effect and eased the minds of the public."

Toms River Police were quick to ease the concerns of the public with a social media post of their own on Monday that included a warning to anyone else thinking of sharing posts similar to this one.

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