It is that time of year, walking the boards and enjoying summer here at the Jersey Shore. It's a part of what makes Jersey a great place to be in the Summer. One of the many things to do on the boardwalk is eating.


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Boardwalk food comes in many forms, but two that often stick out (besides pizza) are cheesesteaks along with sausage and peppers. Both are great and I want to see what you summer "foodies" think. If you had to choose between the two boardwalk foods which of the two would be your pick?

First, let's look at the "cheesesteak". We always hear about the "Philly Cheesesteak" and how it's the standard, but here in Jersey, we can hold our own, and there are some fantastic places on our boardwalks to get a really good cheesesteak.

For mine, I really like mayo, fried peppers, and mushrooms on my cheesesteak. Make sure the roll is a good one too. Bread is important, no fake rolls that are a deal breaker.

My favorite though, between the two choices, is the sausage and peppers sub. When I grab a sandwich on the boardwalk, it's usually sausage and peppers. Well-done Italian sausage with fresh peppers and onions, the best. Once again the roll can be a deal breaker so make sure it's a good fresh roll.





For both delicious boardwalk treats, throw in a side of fries, and you're all set. You can walk off these goodies on the boards lol

So I'll take a sausage and peppers, how about you? and where would you go and on which boardwalk to get yours? Post your comments below and let us know your choices.


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