Why does this rumor still continue to go around? I called a Cracker Barrel in New Jersey and spoke to Kelly, let's find out.

Say it isn't so, every time I bring up Cracker Barrel, everyone says, "They're closing." "What?" No, way it can't be closing. I had to find the truth. I kept searching and searching and finally found some answers by simply picking up the phone and calling Cracker Barrel.

We were talking about this last year and now the rumor is swirling again in 2022. It's not happening. The answer is no.

I spoke to Kelly at a Cracker Barrel located in New Jersey and asked her straight out, "Is Cracker Barrel closing." She said surprisingly, "What, where did you hear that ridiculous rumor?" I said, "I keep hearing from friends that they saw it online." Kelly says, "No way and I know for a fact because I own stock in Cracker Barrel and the shareholders would have to know first." She continued, "The stock is going up."

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According to mashed.com, from snopes.com, a rumor started because of an online ad that Cracker Barrel was closing its doors in 2021. Cracker Barrel is best known for its Southern Style of cooking. From their pancakes to bacon and fried chicken, and of course, their sweet tea.

I really enjoyed talking to her, she knew everything about Cracker Barrel and I asked her if one could come to Ocean County. She told me that if residents from a certain area really, really, really want a Cracker Barrel in their area, Cracker Barrel listens. We need to call Cracker Barrel headquarters. Cracker Barrel's headquarters phone number is 1-800-333-9566. 

So, there's our answer, NO - Cracker Barrel is not closing. I searched it out on mashed.com and they also wrote about how it's a rumor and just a rumor.

The pancakes, green beans, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and those awesome rocking chairs are still waiting for all of us at Cracker Barrel.

Please, someone, open a Cracker Barrel in Ocean County.

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