As I get older the coasters get better and better and I get a little nervous standing in line.

We are lucky, we have so many cool places in Ocean County that have some awesome rides from the boardwalks to Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Abby and her friends chose a lot of these as her favorites here at the Shore. Abby is my 15-year-old and loves roller coasters. A day at Six Flags with her friends is a little piece of happiness.

Arms Up! Top 10 Best Coasters in Ocean County

If you think back to that very first roller coaster you were on, it's something we always remember. I'll never forget the Sooper Dooper Looper at Hershey Park. That was the very first roller coaster I was ever on, and I'll never forget it.

Several of my co-workers were on their very first coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. We had Promotion Coordinators at one point and they're a little younger, tell me that their favorite first coaster was the Jet Star in Seaside Heights. That's the coaster that was in the ocean after Super Storm Sandy.

On Facebook, several of you gave your favorite coasters here at the Shore. Allison from Waretown loves Kingda Ka at Great Adventure. Jimmy from Pt. Pleasant loves Batman at Great Adventure. Sandy from Toms River loves the "rather" new Hydrus on the Seaside Boardwalk.

If I would have to choose my favorite roller coaster at the Shore. It would be the "rather" new Tidal Wave at Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant Beach. I love that coaster, I smile every time I'm on it.

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