Do you believe in ghosts?  This story about one of New Jersey's alleged most haunted spots in our own backyard might change your mind.

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Haunted places and stories are so intriguing.  The other day my Mom and I were on our way to a bridal shower in Old Bridge, and we passed a house that definitely looked like it had some ghost friends (especially after seeing the orbs that popped up after I snapped a pic).

I won't share the picture just yet, because I want to do some research on the house and see if there's anything exciting to tell you about there.

But that house did inspire me to see if there are any other allegedly haunted locations around New Jersey.  I already knew about Clinton Road, but had a feeling there had to be more.

I was right - turns out one of the places most rumored to be haunted in New Jersey is right in our own backyard: the Hindenburg Hangar at Lakehurst, aka Lakehurst Hangar 1.   According to Weird NJ, the hangar was the site where the airship LZ 129 Hindenburg caught fire.   The hangar is on-site at Joint Base McGuire-Dix Lakehurst.

Stories on Weird NJ from people who have entered or been around the hangar stated that they felt "bad vibes" around the area, or even heard sounds like footsteps when no one appeared to be walking.  Spooky!

If you'd like the visit the Hindenburg Hangar, you can only do so on a tour.  Details on how to book a tour can be found on The Navy Lakehurst Society's website.

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