We all know that Long Branch is a waterfront community, but did you know it's located in the former city of Etobicoke?

Everybody who knows the history of Long Branch shook their head when they heard Etobicoke. That name was never associated with Long Branch, was it? Well, yes and no. It all depends on which Long Branch you're talking about.

We're talking about the other Long Branch. The one in Canada, and yes it is a waterfront neighborhood (Lake Ontario) and it is located at the south western tip of Ontario, according to Trip Savvy.

If you ever visit the other Long Branch, you should know that most of the restaurants and shopping happen along Lake Shore Boulevard West, and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Of course, we all know how great our Long Branch is and if you want summer fun at the Jersey Shore, you'll certainly find it in Long Branch, NJ! Check out the Long Branch (New Jersey) Chamber of Commerce website for details on upcoming events.

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