The sharks are back!

Well, not a bunch of them. Just one. This one's name in Andromache and, according to, she's no stranger to the Jersey Shore.

Apparently, she's been "pinging" along the coast for quite some time. "Pinging" is what researchers refer to as what happens when the tracker they've placed on sharks starts to go off, thereby alerting them that they're nearby. They're able to get readings from the tracker when their position can be determined as the dorsal fin that holds the device gets picked up by a satellite and then transmitted back down to Earth. Andromache's last ping in our waters was back in October of 2020.

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She's back now, and was reportedly last hanging out in the waters of LBI. She was last reported to have been there yesterday, May 10th, around 11:30 a.m. According to OCearch, a non-profit dedicated to studying marine life, she was first tagged this past summer, in August of 2020, up in Cape Cod. She was measured then to be about 10 feet and 8 inches long. Researchers determined that she's not quite a fully-grown adult yet, but soon will be.

Andromache has clocked some pretty hefty miles since first being tracked back in August, 5,033 to be exact. She's been swimming up and down the East Coast, from Jersey to South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and now back to us, apparently. Will she stay close? No way to tell that, but since it's warming up, she may make another appearance for a few days along our shores before the summer is over.

To find out how to keep tabs on Andromache the Great White Shark, click HERE.


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