It's a small, yet very powerful part of your car. It only takes 2 seconds to use. And yet, for some Ocean County drivers, it's the hardest thing in the world to do. What am I speaking about?

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It's your blinker (or turn signal)! And it's supposed to make everyone's lives easier by telling other drivers which direction you're headed, or when you plan to switch lanes. And to the people who for some reason feel they're above using blinkers, this Open Letter is for you.

Do you know when the blinker was first invented? Up until 5 seconds ago, I didn't either. This NY Times article tells us the idea was first patented in the 30s, but before then people were using hand signals or other make-shift blinkers. Now the point of all that is to say that turn signals have been incredibly necessary for many years, and obviously still are. So why do some infuriating Ocean County drivers feel they're above using them.

Do you not use a turn signal out of laziness? Do the 2 seconds it takes to move your fingers to turn it on make all the difference in the world? Or, is it a rebellious thing - do you get some satisfaction out of knowing you're not following the rules of the road in a minor way.

Staggering stats from Fox Business show that almost half of all drivers don't use blinkers. Yikes. Granted, this article is from 2016, so things could have changed. What's even scarier, is the number of accidents caused by drivers not using turn signals - which according to this Hunter Insurance website is over 2 million per year.

Don't be reduced to a statistic. Please Ocean County, use your blinkers. It could be a life or death decision.

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