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Good Morning,

You both suck!  I don’t know the details of all the issues but I’m smart enough to deduct that this is all about money and the one group you don’t care even a little about is fans as well as those who depend on games to earn a living.

I’m not picking sides although I usually side with the millionaires over the billionaires. We are at this point because you owners locked out the players in December, a move that was made to prevent the players from going on strike at some point which would have given them more leverage…at least that’s what I’ve read and heard.

In full disclosure unlike some my life will not be interrupted without what used to be our national pastime. Yes I would like to be watching highlights on a daily basis from Florida and Arizona featuring palm trees, cactus, sunshine and people wearing shorts and tee-shirts.  However I’m someone who really does not need baseball until the weather around here warms up significantly…say sometime in May.  In truth if you don’t play a game this season I’ll be just fine but we all know you will come together at some point and get an agreement.

What really ticks me off at that point you will talk about how you got it done because of the fans and we all know that’s a lie.  If you really cared that much you would lock yourselves in a room and hammer this thing out instead of playing a game of back and forth.

My real sympathy is for those who depend on spring training for income in those Florida and Arizona towns where tourists flock to watch baseball.  Hotels, restaurants, ballpark vendors and many others who first had to deal with a pandemic now are being penalized by your greed and lack of caring.

Like I said…you both suck.


Nobody special which defines all of us!


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