When you have the opportunity to go to a sports game, take advantage of every moment.

Whether you're heading to an NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA game or something else, it's more about who you spend your time with there than the result of the game.

My family and I like to head to Yankee Stadium at least once a season to go see the team we've rooted for since my Dad saw players like Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford to players like Thurman Munson and Bobby Mercer.

We all have our favorite players that meant something to us growing up as someone we really enjoyed watching.

As a kid growing up in the 90's my favorite players were Bernie Williams and Andy Pettitte and the rest of the 'core four'.

I have different favorite players now as those players have retired.

I like to root for players like Brett Gardner and Aaron Judge who play the game the right way, say all the right things and not rely on cliches but on team speech and put themselves second and not above the team or do anything that takes away from what the team is doing. Derek Jeter was like that on the field as well.

Even though I'm a Yankees fan, I'm also a baseball fan and love to watch a good story and several teams competing day in and day out.

My family and I went to the game on Friday August 30 against the Oakland A's who are very much fighting for a playoff birth via the American League Wild-Card.

To some the game meant much more to the A's than the Yankees who have a playoff spot almost wrapped up with the AL East Division Crown in sight.

The Yankees aren't just playing for playing, they're playing for the best record in the AL and MLB to have home field advantage in the playoffs.

My family and I sat on the third base side of the ballpark so we could have a view of the Yankees dugout.

It was also Gleyber Torres bobble-head night so in addition to the many laughs and cheers we had during the game, we went home with a souvenir.

If you have the chance to go to a Yankees game, Met's, Phillies, Giants, Eagles, Jets, Knicks, Rangers, Nets, Devils, Islanders game or whomever else, take a friend or a family member and just enjoy the experience.

Even though the Yankees got crushed by the A's, it was the time we spent together as a family that will make memories for a lifetime.

It's who you spend your time with, not what you do that matters more so whatever ballpark or sports venue you visit, bring someone special.

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