I love our local beaches.

Living in Berkeley Township, we have an awesome beach in Berkeley Township in Seaside Park. White Sands is gorgeous and it's our little beach. Soft sand in beautiful Seaside Park and we have a Berkeley Township Night with music and fun. Hopefully this year Kite Night will be back in Seaside. We can see all the kites from White Sands beach.


Pre-Season Beach Badge Sale before May 21st, 2021 - $40

Season Beach Badge - $50

Daily Beach Badge - $10

Weekly Beach badge - $25

Senior Seasonal Badge 65+ - $15

Senior Lifetime Photo ID Beach Badge - $20

Children 11 and under are free.

For more information on Berkeley Township beaches CLICK HERE.


Brick beaches are beautiful. Several of my friends love Brick Beach III. I've heard great things about Brick Beaches. I always remember my friend Michele telling me about the memories she had growing up at Brick Beach III. Brick has three ocean beaches and one bay beach. Brick beaches open on Memorial Day weekend and beach badges are required.

BRICK TOWNSHIP RESIDENTS Beach Badges, on sale now:

Brick Beaches ocean beaches & Windward Beach (bay beach) - Pre-Season Beach Badge before June 15th and on sale now, get the discounted price - $25

Season Beach Badge after June 15th - $30

Daily Beach Badge - $8 (daily badges are bought only at beach)

Season Parking Pass - $30

Daily Parking Pass - $5

Children 12 and under are free.

Seniors who will be age 65 by September 1, 2021 may receive a free daily wristband for access to Brick Township’s beaches. You must have proof of age. Senior wristbands are are available at Brick Beach I, Brick Beach III, and Windward Beach. They are not available at the recreation office. For more information on Brick beaches CLICK HERE.

Have a safe and happy summer here at the Jersey Shore.

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