Want the most delicious meal you've had in a long time? Set your GPS for the brand new Doughtery's Steakhouse & Raw Bar in Atlantic City.

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Located inside Resorts Casino Hotel, I had the pleasure of dining at Doughtery's over the weekend, and let me tell you, IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.

The Dougherty's name is well-known and established in Atlantic City thanks to their two other legendary restaurants, Knife & Fork Inn and Dock's Oyster House. It probably won't take long for Doughtery's Steakhouse and Raw Bar to achieve similar loyalty.

Doughtery's tells SoJO that, 'After years of emphasis on quality seafood, Dougherty's Steakhouse allows steaks and chops to share the spotlight. Paired with an expansive raw bar and a carefully curated wine list, the new steakhouse resides in the historic Resorts Hotel & Casino, a building that mirrors the Dougherty's roots in the community and strong local ties.'

The attention to detail at Doughtery's can be felt the minute the hostess greets you. The ambience feels so upscale, and so high-class, and the service is second to none.

I began my meal with a gorgeous charcuterie & cheese board, which a variety a cheeses and meats we were both salivating to try.

My husband order the bone-in 16 oz. filet which was THE MOST MOUTHWATERING cut of meat I've ever tasted. Along with that came a crock of whipped potatoes that were incredibly smooth. I dined on Doughtery's grilled salmon with corn and zucchini salad with orzo and lemon butter, and it was totally scrumptious. The crush on the salmon was crispy but not charred and blackened, and super delicious. And Doughtery's perfectly prepared the asparagus I ordered.

For desert, I ordered a bowl of handmade vanilla ice cream served with a shot of espresso on top and a biscotti on the side. It was divine. My husband ordered a sliver of Doughtery's chocolate cake which came with fresh whipped cream and was topped with candied orange peel.

Check out some photos below!

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I could not be more impressed with Doughtery's and I can't wait to go back. Visit doughertyssteak.com for more info, and visit resy.com for reservations.

SOURCES: resortsac.com; doughteryssteak.com

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