Some of you love the French fries and ice cream combo, while I can't wrap my head around it. But if you love mixing hot and cold, and custard with potatoes, you might want to haul your cookies to this restaurant in Absecon.

A bunch of my friends love to dip their fries in ice cream, particularly from a 'frosty' kind of fast food restaurant. It's never been MY bag. But this dish currently being served up at The Sunryser Restaurant & Deli has my taste buds bursting.

I've dined at Sunryser many times, so I already know I LOVE their fries. They're really yummy -- crispy and fluffy. I'm a sucker for a good shoestring fry.

I love sweet and salty. Savory and creamy. It all works for me. I just haven't been able to do the frozen and the fried together. But my goal before the end of the summer is to give this soft serve ice cream/French fries marriage a try. It's officially on my bucket list.

I need to know if you've indulged in this dish from The Sunryser (as a meal or dessert!). Definitely let me know your review in the comment box below!

Also, what's your favorite sweet 'n salty combo?

The Sunryser Restaurant & Deli is located at 632 N. Shore Rd. in Absecon.

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