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The Shore Conference coaches have selected their season-ending All-Division teams, highlighting the top players for the season in each of the conference's eight divisions.



Offensive Player of the Year: Jalin Butler, Sr., QB, Donovan Catholic

Defensive Player of the Year: John Lista, Sr., LB, Rumson-Fair Haven

Coach of the Year: Jerry Schulte, Rumson-Fair Haven

First Team


QB - Jalin Butler, Sr., Donovan Catholic

QB - Micah Ford, So., Toms River North

QB - Tommy Fallon, Sr., Colts Neck

RB - Nunes Bukula IV, Sr., Donovan Catholic

RB - Geoff Schroeder, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

RB - Matt Dollive, Sr., Wall

TE - Aiden Casuccio, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

WR - Kyree Drake, Sr., Donovan Catholic

WR - Tareq Council, So., Toms River North

WR - Jackson Coan, Sr., Wall

WR - John Runfolo, Sr., Colts Neck

OL - Caron McNair, Sr., Donovan Catholic

OL - Christian Smith, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

OL - Dan Volpe, Sr., Colts Neck

OL - Charles Pearson, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

OL - Aaron Crooms, .Sr., Donovan Catholic

OL - Ryan Whalen, Sr., Colts Neck

OL - Brian Byrne, Sr., Wall

Utility - Colin Kennedy, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

K - Christian Monteforte, Sr., Colts Neck



DL - Aidan Moriarty, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DL - Levi Wilkins, Sr., Donovan Catholic

DL - Blake Rezk, Sr., Wall

DL - Nico Ippolito, Sr., Donovan Catholic

LB - John Lista, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

LB - Ryan McKay, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

LB - Nat Ianello, Sr., Donovan Catholic

LB - Dante Vernieri, Jr., Donovan Catholic

LB - Anthony Bonanno, Sr., Colts Neck

LB - Ty Kazanowsky, Jr., Toms River North

LB - Connor Farrell, Sr., Donovan Catholic

DB - Beau Kemler, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DB - Jake Davis, Sr., Wall

DB - Mysun Rush-Esdaile, Sr., Donovan Catholic

DB - Jeremiah Pruitt, So., Toms River North

DB - Brian Doherty, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Utility - Charlie Sasso, Sr., Wall

P - Jackson Gallagher, So., Rumson-Fair Haven


Second Team


RB - Dan Garvey, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

RB - Josh Moore, So., Toms River North

RB - Chris Scully, So., Colts Neck

TE - Eric Loureiro, So., Colts Neck

WR - Aidan Diaz, So., Colts Neck

WR - Michael Thomas III, Fr., Donovan Catholic

WR - Scott Venancio, Jr., Rumson-Fair Haven

OL - Josh Kaye, Jr., Toms River North

OL - Jaelyne Matthews, Fr., Toms River North

OL - George Clough, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

OL - Robert Madison, Sr., Donovan Catholic

OL - EJ Smith, Jr., Donovan Catholic

OL - Matt Jannucci, Sr., Colts Neck

Return specialist - Owen Sullivan, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

K - Justin Worobel, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven



DL - Mike Dowd, Sr., Toms River North

DL - Robbie Thomson, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

DL - Charlie Whalen, So., Colts Neck

DL - Zhaire Day, So., Donovan Catholic

LB - Lou Pilla, Sr., Wall

LB - Ty Boland, Jr., Toms River North

LB - John Manos, Sr., Colts Neck

LB - Hunter Johnson, So., Donovan Catholic

LB - Anthony Rodriguez, So., Toms River North

DB - Dom Beninato, So., Colts Neck

DB - Ethan Mathieu, So., Donovan Catholic

DB - Tyler Donnelly, Sr. Colts Neck

DB - Alex Cady, Sr., Rumson-Fair Haven

Utility - Cooper Bunnell, So., Rumson-Fair Haven



Offensive Player of the Year: Jaiden Brown, Sr., RB, Southern

Defensive Player of the Year: Jack Latore, Sr., DE, Middletown South

Coach of the Year: Steve Antonucci, Middletown South

First Team


QB - Mike Heckel, Sr., Manalapan

RB - Jaiden Brown, Sr., Southern

RB - Jade Gallo, Sr., Holmdel

RB - Dan Primiano, Sr., Middletown South

TE - Robert Paneque, Sr., Jackson Memorial

WR - Alex Dille, Jr., Manalapan

WR - Tyler Walker, Sr., Manalapan

OL - Jake Williamson, Sr., Middletown South

OL - Dante Miranda, Sr., Middletown South

OL - Sean Rowland, Sr., Southern

OL - Julian Santo, Jr., Manalapan

OL - Donovan Zapata, Sr., Jackson Memorial

Utility - Tai Mann, Jr., Jackson Memorial

Utility - Elijah Marquez, Sr., Manalapan

K - Michael Calton, Jr., Manalapan



DL - Jack Latore, Sr., Middletown South

DL - Nate Committee, Sr., Southern

DL - Mario Chierchia, Sr., Manalapan

DL - Eric Ibe, Sr., Jackson Memorial

LB - Thomas Sardo, Sr., Holmdel

LB - Colin Gallagher, So., Middletown South

LB - Jack Willi, Sr., Middletown South

LB - Michael Bimonte, Sr., Manalapan

DB - Jake Czwakiel, So., Middletown South

DB - Matt Grab, Sr., Middletown South

DB - Paul Wojciechowski, Sr., Manalapan

DB - Tom Schork, Sr., Middletown South

Utility - Luke DuPont, Sr., Holmdel

Utility - Kole Levy, Sr., Southern

P - Jaden Anthony, Sr., Southern


Second Team


RB - Donovan Summey, So., Middletown South

ATH - Albert D'Alessandro, So., Jackson Memorial

ATH - Jared Battaglia, Sr., Holmdel

TE - Louis Ambrosio, Sr., Holmdel

WR - Nick Devane, Sr., Southern

WR - Ryan St. Clair, Sr., Middletown South

WR - Anthony Brasco, Sr., Middletown South

OL - Kyle Laverty, Sr., Jackson Memorial

OL - Logan Doherty, Sr., Southern

OL - David Casas, Sr., Southern

OL - Thomas White, Jr., Middletown South

OL - Tyler Addinisio, Jr., Middletown South

OL - Corey Holowach, Sr., Manalapan



DL - Tristan Arthur, Sr., Southern

DL - Ryan Fischer, Jr., Jackson Memorial

DL - Artem Reinkov-Jouk, Jr., Manalapan

DL - Aiden Parry, Jr., Middletown South

LB - John Franzini, Sr., Holmdel

LB - Tyler Carey, Sr., Middletown South

LB - Jason Wagner, Jr., Middletown South

LB - Jordan Gravesande, Sr., Manalapan

DB - Jaiden Hernandez, So., Jackson Memorial

DB - Logan Colleran, Jr., Middletown South

DB - Andy Falletta, Jr., Southern

DB - Tommy Clark, Jr., Manalapan

Utility - Timmy Haggerty, Jr., Holmdel



Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Alex Brown, Sr., QB, Red Bank Catholic; Brett Patten, Jr., QB, Manasquan

Defensive Player of the Year: Alex Bauman, Sr., DE, Red Bank Catholic

Coach of the Year: Mike Lange, Red Bank Catholic

First Team


QB - Alex Brown, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

QB - Brett Patten, Jr., Manasquan

RB - Kieran Falzon, Jr., Raritan

RB - Jhamier Howard, Jr., Manasquan

RB - Patrick Woodford, Sr., Manasquan

WR - Cole Kozlowski, Sr., Manasquan

WR - Najih Rahman, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

WR - Matt Dengler, Sr., Red Bank

WR - Nick Martinez, Sr., Ocean

OL - Vince Carpenter, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

OL - Ashton Mejias, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

OL - Lorenzo Portella, So., Red Bank Catholic

OL - Jason Trotta, Sr., Raritan

OL - Nick Atchison, Sr., Ocean

OL - Peter Thomas, Sr., Red Bank

Return specialist - Robert Stolfa, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

Utility - Tyler Douglas, Jr., Ocean

K - Jeffrey Spengler, Sr., Raritan



DL - Alex Bauman, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DL - Ryan McPherson, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DL - JJ Cavanagh, Sr., Manasquan

DL - Shane Garrett, Jr., Ocean

DL - Aidan Donahue, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Davin Brewton, So., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Rajahn Cooper, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

LB - Ryan Burns, Sr., Manasquan

LB - Alex Dekis, Sr., Raritan

DB - Sabino Portella, Jr., Red Bank Catholic

DB - Joe Diorio, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DB - Corbett Cimini, Sr., Red Bank Catholic

DB - Joe Campanella, Sr., Raritan

Extra defensive player: Sean Masonius, Sr., Red Bank

Utility - Cian Curylo, Sr., Red Bank

P - Ben Hutchins, Sr., Raritan



Offensive Player of the Year: Christian Rodriguez, Sr., QB, Long Branch

Defensive Player of the Year: Tyler Ochojski, Sr., LB, Freehold

Coach of the Year: Dan George, Long Branch

First Team


QB - Christian Rodriguez, Sr., Long Branch

QB - Kamore Gill, Sr., Freehold

RB - Peter Pezzullo, Sr., St. John Vianney

RB - Devon Bond, Jr., Toms River South

RB - Nick Medina, Sr., Toms River East

WR - Kyle Verriest, Jr., St. John Vianney

WR - Ka'Jion Thorne, Sr., Long Branch

WR - Gavin Migliori, Sr., Toms River South

OL - Makel Davis, Jr., St. John Vianney

OL - Zachary Scully, Jr., St. John Vianney

OL - Ryan Florio, Sr., Toms River South

OL - Kai Coleman, Sr., Long Branch

OL - Israel Delgadillo, Sr., Long Branch

Utility - Troy Dey, Sr., St. John Vianney

Return specialist - Mike Hall, Sr., Long Branch

K - Wesley Garcia, So., Long Branch



DL - Justin Kozak, Sr., Toms River South

DL - Mason Shenk, Sr., St. John Vianney

DL - Jonathan Johnson, Sr., Freehold

DL - Dante Carr, Sr., Toms River East

LB - Tyler Ochojski, Sr., Freehold

LB - Christian Buchanan, Jr., St. John Vianney

LB - Joey Abarno, Sr., St. John Vianney

LB - Deiondre McCullers, Sr., Long Branch

LB - Sekou Kamau, Jr., Long Branch

DB - Shamar Williams, Jr., Long Branch

DB - Yah-Sin Calhoun, Sr., Freehold

DB - Jayden Farmer, Sr., Long Branch

DB - Elijah Metellus, Sr., Toms River South

Utility - Eric Scanlon, Sr., Toms River East

Extra defensive player - Corey Pitts, Sr., St. John Vianney

P - Camren Stein, Sr., Toms River South


Second Team


QB - Antonio Rosato, JR., St. John Vianney

RB - Zaheem Brown, So., Long Branch

RB - Mikey Erli, Jr., Toms River South

TE - Kyree Lambert, Jr., Long Branch

WR - Dylan Seay, So., St. John Vianney

WR - Christian DaSilva, Sr., Freehold

OL - Kavon Williams, Sr., Long Branch

OL - Anthony Santana, Sr., Long Branch

OL - James King, Jr., Toms River South

OL - Timothy O'Dowd, Jr., St. John Vianney

OL - Nino Scala, Sr., Toms River East

Utility - Roy Pappalardo, Sr., Toms River South

Utility - Spencer Rushton, So., Freehold

Extra offensive player - Joe Rome, Jr., Toms River East

K - Kayden Hutchinson, Sr., Freehold



DL - Luke Tracey, Jr., Long Branch

DL - Kaleeq Ingram, So., Long Branch

DL -  Elijah Portales, Jr., St. John Vianney

DL - Nico Crudup, Jr., Toms River South

LB - Jack Farah, Jr., St. John Vianney

LB - Jo'el Small, Jr., Toms River South

LB - Hassan Bryant, Jr., Long Branch

LB - Anthony Lombardi, Sr., Freehold

DB - Dominick Cannella, Sr., Toms River South

DB - Earnest Reevey, So., Long Branch

DB - Issac Montalvo, Sr., St. John Vianney

DB - Aaron VanTrease, Jr., St. John Vianney

Utility - Antioine Orengo, Sr., Long Branch

Extra defensive player: Myles Byrd-Rice, So., St. John Vianney




Co-Offensive Players of the Year: Brian Haddow, Sr., RB, Middletown North; Noah Brunatti, Sr., QB, Lacey

Co-Defensive Players of the Year: Jack Lopez, Jr., Middletown North; John Dodaro, Sr., Lacey

Co-Coaches of the Year: Steve Bush, Middletown North; Lou Vircillo, Lacey

First Team


QB -  Noah Brunatti, Sr., Lacey

QB - Tommy Giannone, Sr., Middletown North

QB - Stephen Jardim, Sr., Howell

RB - Tyler Weisneck, Sr., Brick

TE - Zach Searight, Sr., Middletown North

WR - Michael Abode, Sr., Lacey

WR - Levi Wilson, Sr., Middletown North

OL - Padraic Banfield, Sr., Lacey

OL - Adam Conklin, Sr., Middletown North

OL - Matt Ioannides, Sr., Howell

OL - Joe Kudlacik, Sr., Lacey

OL - Sam Azzaretti, Sr., Brick Memorial

Return specialist - Connor Gordon, Sr., Howell

Utility - Brian Haddow, Sr., Middletown North

Utility - Connor Dietz, So., Brick Memorial

K - Jack Borell, Sr., Lacey



DL - Jack Lopez, Jr., Middletown North

DL - Darian Newcomb, Sr., Brick

DL -  Peter Dempsey, Jr., Middletown North

DL - Jason Glass, Sr., Brick

LB - Riley Bell, Sr., Brick

LB - John Dodaro, Sr., Lacey

LB - Scott Stevens, Sr., Lacey

LB - Colin Devine, Sr., Middletown North

DB - Nick Vecchiarelli, Sr., Howell

DB - Jake Gallo, Sr., Brick Memorial

DB - Ryan Panuska, Sr., Brick

DB - Justin Kurc, Sr., Brick

Extra defensive player: Jake LaRocca, Sr., Brick Memorial

Utility - Gaetano Dimiele, Sr., Lacey

P - Joe Nolan, Sr., Brick Memorial


Honorable Mention

WR - Matt McClung, Lacey

WR - Derek Soto, Middletown North

WR - Kevin Maloney, Howell

TE - Tyson Wilson, Brick

OL - Connor Clark, Middletown North

OL - Mike Pormigiano, Brick

OL - Mike Mitchell, Howell

OL - PJ Mazzeo, Brick Memorial

DL - Damian O'Loughlin, Lacey

DL - Evan Gillen, Brick Memorial

LB - Colin Wilson, Brick

DB - Andrew Tobia, Lacey

DB - Ryan Demedici, Middletown North

UT - Mike Rozel, Lacey



Offensive Player of the Year: Chase Gumbrecht, Jr., RB, Central Regional

Defensive Player of the Year: Anthony Musso, Sr., Central Regional

Coach of the Year: Jarrett Pidgeon, Central Regional

First Team


QB - AJ Schwartz, Jr., Marlboro

RB - Chase Gumbrecht, Jr., Central

RB - Da id Onuoha, Sr., Matawan

RB - Zach Mendes, Sr., Marlboro

TE - Mike Rappola, Sr., Central

WR - Ryan Mendes, Jr., Marlboro

WR - Shawn Corchado, So.,  Freehold Township

WR - Anthony Long, Jr., Freehold Township

OL - Nikolaus Winzer, Jr., Matawan

OL - Todd Dudley, Sr., Central

OL - Peyton Dasti, Sr., Central

OL - Sean Williams, Sr., Central

OL - Corey Shanin, Jr., Marlboro

Return specialist - Giacomo Calamita, Sr., Freehold Township

Utility - Mateo Andrews, Jr., Neptune

K - Sean Hurley, Sr., K



DL - De'ondre Banks, Jr., Neptune

DL - Andrew Bulinsky, Sr., Marlboro

DL - Logan Brennan, Jr., Central

DL - Joe Juarez, Sr., Freehold Township

LB - Anthony Musso, Sr., Central

LB - Ra'sun Banks, Sr., Neptune

LB - Alex Bechtle, Sr., Central

LB - Joey Bodin, Jr., Matawan

DB - Danny Morris, Sr., Central

DB - Colin Steimle, Sr., Central

DB - Matt Cassidy, So., Marlboro

DB - Dominick Fraulo, Sr., Central

Extra defensive player: Aaron Josa, Sr., Central

P: Cody Wohlrab, Jr., Freehold Township


Second Team


QB - Mark Augello, So., Freehold Township

RB - Davon Craft, So., Neptune

RB - Devin Olesin, Sr., Freehold Township

TE - Kyle Halliburton, Sr., Matawan

WR - BrianCharles Gagneron, So., Matawan

WR - Cameron Cooper, So., Matawan

WR - Matt Carney, Sr., Freehold Township

OL - Mike Giancaspro, Sr., Marlboro

OL - Malik Fields, Sr., Neptune

OL - Nick Rua, Sr., Central

OL - Jayden Elijah, Fr., Matawan

OL - Hunter Boilen, Sr., Marlboro

Return specialist - Keith Omane-Agyei, Sr., Marlboro

Utility - Tony Brinson, Jr., Central



DL - Zion Spence, Jr., Matawan

DL - Vinny Charles, Sr., Central

DL - Shawn Mesia, Sr., Freehold Township

DL - Matt Montalbano, Sr., Marlboro

LB - Nolan Jones, Jr., Marlboro

LB - Nasir Evans, Sr., Neptune

LB - Jaivon Tate, Jr., Central

LB - Nick Benjamino, Jr., Freehold Township

DB - Jordan Glisson, So., Neptune

DB - Joe Ruggiero, Sr., Central

DB - Nick Carnevale, So., Freehold Township

DB - Nick Scaff, So., Marlboro

Extra defensive player: Scott Nico, So., Central

P: Dennis Buonagura, Sr., Matawan



Offensive Player of the Year: Charlie Vitale, Sr., QB, Point Boro

Defensive Player of the Year: Jamie Mazzacco, Sr., LB, Shore Regional

Coach of the Year: Brian Staub, Point Boro

First Team


QB - Charlie Vitale, Sr., Point Boro

QB - Savon Myers, Sr., Manchester

RB - JoJo Bivins, Jr., Barnegat

RB - Jashawn Carter, Jr., Asbury Park

RB - Jake Croce, So., Point Boro

WR - D'Maari Brown, Sr., Manchester

WR - Alex Kramer, Sr., Shore

WR - Lydell Brown, Sr., Asbury Park

OL - Cole Skinner, Jr., Point Boro

OL - Nahmir Jones, Sr., Shore

OL - Connor Darmstatter, Sr., Barnegat

OL - Luke Wilson, Sr., Point Boro

OL - Owen Feeley, Sr., Shore

OL - Kenny Minor, Sr., Barengat

Return specialist - Matt Oliphant, So., Point Boro

Utility - Jai'Sun Brown, Jr., Asbury Park

K - Evan Weiner, Sr., Manchester



DL - Connor Reynolds, Jr., Point Boro

DL - Jackson Whitacre, So., Shore

DL - Christopher Pasos, Sr., Manchester

DL - Charles Davison, So., Point Boro

LB - Jamie Mazzacco, Sr., Shore

LB - Cooper Yorke, Sr., Jackson Liberty

LB - Jared Schworn, Sr., Barnegat

LB - Tyler Gordon, Jr., Point Boro

DB - Nasir Alston, Sr., Asbury Park

DB - Rylan Degan, Sr., Shore

DB - Aidan Scaturro, Sr., Shore

DB - Shikeith Gordon, Jr., Barnegat

Extra defensive player: JJ Bennett, Jr., Point Boro

Utility: Connor Cilento, Jr., Point Boro


Second Team


RB - Zach Corrado, Jr., Jackson Liberty

RB - Andrew Decker, Sr., Shore

TE - Keean Paul, Sr., Barnegat

WR - Tyrone Benjamin, Jr., Manchester

WR - Brian Orio, Jr., Point Boro

OL - Bryan Ortiz, Sr., Barnegat

OL - Justin Tuzzolino, Sr., Point Boro

OL - Joshua Handy, Sr., Asbury Park

OL - Matt Romero, Sr., Jackson Liberty

OL - Connor Haney, So., Shore

OL - Mike Meccia, Sr., Point Boro

Utility - Justin Bye, Sr., Barnegat

K - Brayden Forfar, So., Point Boro



DL - Kingborn Morris, Sr., Manchester

DL - Aidan Ward, Jr., Point Boro

DL - Xavier Moro, Fr., Shore

DL - Mike Furlong, Jr., Shore

LB - Liam Rosa, Sr., Shore

LB - Javon King, Jr., Asbury Park

LB - Sam Muraglia, Jr., Point Boro

LB - Connor Gallagher, Sr., Jackson Liberty

DB - Josh Irrizary-Lopez, Sr., Manchester

DB - RaLee Stephens, So., Asbury Park

DB - Joe Celentano, Jr., Jackson Liberty

DB - Logan Kreudl, Sr., Barnegat

Extra defensive player: Dante Ayala, Sr., Asbury Park

Utility - Thomas Welch, Sr., Point Boro



Offensive Player of the Year: DJ Thomson, Sr., WR, Keyport

Defensive Player of the Year: Mikal Braithwaite, Sr., LB, Keansburg

Coach of the Year: Dan Wendel, Monmouth Regional

First Team


QB - Anthony Jehn, Jr., Monmouth

RB - Nazir Treadwell, So., Keyport

RB - Julian Jones, Jr., Monmouth

TE - Loukas Plasteras, Sr., Monmouth

WR - DJ Thomson, Sr., Keyport

WR - Tahaj Wiggins, Jr., Monmouth

WR - Andre Peace, Sr., Lakewood

OL - Dan McNemer, Sr., Pinelands

OL - Lamir Clark, Sr., Lakewood

OL - Jonathan Beattie, Sr., Keansburg

OL - Alexis Torres, Jr., Lakewood

OL - Chris Caravano, Sr., Pinelands

UTILITY - George Mitchell, Sr., Keyport

Extra Offensive Player - Keon Tims, Jr., Lakewood

Extra Offensive Player - Nick Huisman, Jr., Monmouth

Kicker - Joe Sautner, Jr., Keansburg



DL - Mike Hall, Jr., Pinelands

DL - Lucas Bontempo, Jr., Monmouth

DL - Mike Morro, Sr., Keansburg

DL - Christyan Azevedo, Sr., Keyport

LB - Trevor Ahmed, Sr., Keyport

LB - Eric Crossley, Jr., Monmouth

LB - Kenyon White, Sr., Pinelands

LB - Ian Mendez, Jr., Keansburg

DB - Derrick Marsh, Jr., Lakewood

DB - Michael Alonso, Jr., Keyport

DB - Zivon Crank, Sr., Keyport

DB - Gerald Wiggins, Sr., Monmouth

UTILITY - Nelson Harris-Thomas, Sr., Monmouth

Extra Defensive Player - Andrew Laumbach, Sr., Point Beach

Extra Defensive Player - Joe Beley, Jr., Point Beach


Second Team


QB - Ryan Allen, Jr., Pinelands

RB - Dajuan Weems, Fr., Keansburg

RB - Dawson MacPherson, Jr., Point Beach

TE - Makai Hall, Jr., Pinelands

WR - Yosef Abdou, Sr., Keansburg

WR - Nahsir Hart, Fr., Keyport

WR - Prince Hostler, Jr., Monmouth

OL - Tom Nasdeo, Sr., Point Beach

OL - Anthony Mascolino, So., Keansburg

OL - Andrew Obando, Sr., Keyport

OL - Alexis Bautista, Jr., Lakewood

OL - Jonathan Weidelman, Sr., Monmouth

UTILITY - Liam Villinger, So., Pinelands

Extra Offensive Player - Jeremiah Robles, Sr., Monmouth

Kicker - Connor Laughran, Point Beach



DL - Aiden Schilke, Jr., Monmouth

DL - Kevin Fitzgerald, Jr., Keyport

DL - Jaylon London, Sr., Lakewood

DL - Isaiah Goodman, So., Keansburg

LB - Roman Grauso, Jr., Point Beach

LB - Mason Eldridge, Jr., Keyport

LB - Jack O'Brien, Jr., Pinelands

DB - Michael Frawley, So., Pinelands

DB - Evan Booth, So., Monmouth

DB - Phil White, Sr., Monmouth

DB - Derrick Ostervich, Jr., Keyport

DB - Na'Sun Lee, Jr., Keansburg

UTILITY - Brandon Ligon, Sr., Monmouth

Extra Defensive Player - Riely Jankowski, Jr., Keansburg

Punter - Edgar Silva, Jr., Lakewood



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