For those thinking of Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones, you might want to re-think purchasing the items from that old familiar classic, the "12 Days of Christmas".  Yes, the timeless Christmas song has spawned an eclectic list of gifts with an equally outrageous price-tag.

In the market for eleven pipers piping?  It will cost you just over two thousand dollars.  Seven swans-a-swimming?  A mere $6,300.

In fact, if you actually bought every gift from every verse of the song, you would have to dish out over one hundred thousand dollars!  Check out the exact price breakdown here:

So the next time you are singing this Christmas staple, you might want to also include the sound of a cash register going "cha-ching, cha-ching"! 

Have you ever bought or thought about buying a partridge in a peartree for your true love?  How about three french hens?  Five golden rings?

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