Marianne reviews a new infomercial product - read all about it!

My grandson Deegan is a huge fan of infomercials - he can recite practically all of them, especially the end when it goes "And WAIT that's not all"!  Well, I had taped The Puppy Bowl from last January and when he came over we watched it and there was a commercial on for something called a 'Spot Bot'.

Deeg got very excited and said, “Gram you HAVE to get this!”  So we backed up the DVR and I saw:  it was a small machine that cleans up everyday spots AND puppy accidents. It looked good and I have puppies… and I have spots, so I ordered it.

The 'Spot Bot' arrived and I read the instructions.  It seemed simple enough, pour the stain remover in one compartment and water in the other - so far so good.  I put it directly on the top of the spot and turn on the machine.  Seemed easy I didn't even have to scrub!  It runs for about 4 minutes, beeps when it's done and then you lift the machine and move on to the next spot.  It seemed too good to be true...

I did about 6 spots on my carpet and on ones that didn't even exist.  I finally finished and emptied the container with the dirty water (YUK )!  I wrapped the cord around the machine and put it back in the closet.  It was great, quick, simple, no elbow grease and now was going to have a clean carpet.  About an hour later I came downstairs and sure enough it did what it was suppose to do, but this machine worked SO well it brought back the original color and now it looks like little spaceships landed in my living room!  Oh well, live and learn and never listen to an 8 year old! When it's in the budget I'm going for hardwood floors next time!  Thanks Deeg!

Have you used the Spot Bot or a similar product?  How did it work for you - leave a comment below to let us know how!