On a day when I’ve done some really creative segments over the years I’m basically just going to mail it in. 

Kevin toasts his new favorite baseball team (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media)

It’s April Fool’s Day and I’ve always looked forward to the challenge of coming up with something that will catch you off guard and I’ve been successful. There was one about winning big in the lottery. I’ve reported major baseball trades that of course did not happen and just a few years ago I really hit the mother lode when I did a Hometown View about leaving for a dream job at Penn State University.

Quite a few people did not wait until the end when I closed with “April Fool’s” and it actually caused a bit of a stir. of course I’m sure there were many people joyful over my departure (include some of my co-workers). It was so convincing that I ran into a woman months later who asked about my new job and when I seemed confused she talked about working with the Penn State football program. I had to laugh before giving her the very late news that it was a joke.

So here we are on April Fool’s Day and I have nothing because for the first time in memory I am sick. I knew when I woke up Monday I was in a bit of trouble as the sneezing and stuffiness had begun.I started taking one of the many over-the-counter cold relief products along with cough drops and orange juice.

In what was probably a mistake I went to the Devils game last night in Newark with a friend from work and a couple of others. I managed to get through it okay but with only three hours sleep I woke up this morning worse than when I went to bed.

It’s likely just your run of the mill head cold but it comes at a bad time and frankly I don’t handle even a little sickness very well.I mean I went the entire winter without even one sick day and now I get a cold just when the weather is starting to improve.

So there is no April Fool’s joke. No Todd Frazier traded to the Yankees or Ken Frank retiring as baseball coach at Toms River South.No big lottery win or the radio station being sold or slot machines coming to the boardwalk in Seaside Heights and Point Pleasant. Sorry but some days you get what you pay for and since this is free that’s all you’re getting today.