No, There Aren’t Facebook Hackers Following You
In the last few days, you may have seen Facebook friends urgently warning everyone and anyone that will listen that there is a sneaky new way to find out who is keeping an eye on your profile. Of course, no doubt with nefarious purposes.
How many of your Facebook friendships really matter?
Even though, you just celebrated Friendship Day last week, how many Facebook friends would you call during a crisis? Who would you turn to in a moment of urgent need?
A new study in the Royal Society Open Science Journal examined the quality of our Facebook friendships and whether we prefer a big gro…
Marianne’s Facebook Obsession
My name is Marianne Calandriello Levy and I am a Facebookaholic.
Seriously, I never sign off even if I'm not actively on I scroll hundreds of times a day and some days I post as much (well maybe not hundreds) but a lot. I have 438 friends and I'd say I know 65% of them and others are friends of frien…
One Day A Year You Get to Call Your Own
Growing up I think we all looked forward to that one day a year. No, not Christmas, our Birthday. It's the one day of the year that belongs to "you" and "you" only. As kids you wake up to Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers saying "Happy Birthday.&quo…

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