Was it an accident or was it done on purpose?

We may never know.

Somers Point, Smores Point, NJ

Somers Point gets a name change

The above sign was seen on a national "funny sign" Facebook page, and shared across the internet.

It was posted nears Somers Point - except, Somers Point was spelled "Smores Point", as in smores, the delicious snack of marshmallow and chocolate between two pieces of graham cracker, often over an open fire, or campfire.

Genius, right?

Did the person who planned the sign out just mix up the letters, or what?

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Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash
Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

We re-posted the sign locally on Facebook, and people have jokes

From Amy: "Not sure, but believe that's near Rio Graham." (Meaning the Cape May County town of Rio Grande! Clever!)

Jane said, "I saw this today and thought I must’ve imagined it because that’s just too dumb…."

Donnah: "Lol Yeah- i live in Smores Point."

From Bridget: "I wouldn’t mind visiting S’mores Point!

Gwen: "I also detour for smores."

Should Somers Point actually change its name?

So, was the sign's author onto something? Should Somers Point change its name to Smores Point?

Think of the publicity it would get?

Smores Point could host the Smores festival! Kids could forgo lemonade stands for Smore stands!

Come on Somers Point, make the switch!

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